The design language of the SAVE luminaire series is characterized by a design-oriented, functional style. The materials used, high-gloss polished chrome, satined glass and acrylic glass elements, underline the high design standards. The technical design of the individual SAVE lights also corresponds to this quality awareness. For example, the plugs on the lamp heads are gold-plated. This guarantees optimal conductivity and thus a long service life of the SAVE lights. The SAVE lights can be variably and optimally adapted to their intended use. Many lights can be equipped with a touch dimming transformer or with a sliding transformer for optimum ease of use. Last but not least - the optional use of LEDs turns SAVE lights into energy-efficient systems. The entire production process - starting with the design through the development to the production of the SAVE lights - bears the stamp “Made in Solingen”, exclusive handcraft, from the idea to the finished light!