Licht im Raum

Roots__We have been manufacturing premium quality design products since 1956 - when Lisa and Johannes Dinnebier founded our company Licht im Raum. The job of the lighting designer was practically unknown at that time. Light had to be bright in the first place. Our young company had completely different ideas: Light was primarily used as a design tool in architecture. We still feel committed to this tradition.
Sustainability__Over the years we have upheld a strong commitment to sustainability, regional focus and perfect traditional craftsmanship. Our Dinnebier Licht team - consisting of lighting planners, interior designers, experienced metal designers and engineers - designs and continuously develops the products of our exclusive Licht im Raum collection. Sustainability is reflected in all our business divisions: in design and technology, ecologically and socially. Our new, holistic manufactory offers perfect conditions for sustainable production. We are particularly proud of our large photovoltaic system on the roof - which generates more energy than consumed in the building. Our showroom Lichtturm Solingen also derives renewable energies - from its own ground-source heat pump.